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"I have lived my life to the best of my ability, but I have not been able to escape fate, anger, or pain."
―Ezio Auditore da Firenze[src]

Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459 – 1524)[2] was a Florentine noble during the Italian Renaissance and, unbeknownst to most historians and philosophers, a Mentor of the Italian Assassins. He was an ancestor to both Desmond Miles and Subject 16.

Ezio remained unaware of his Assassin heritage until the age of 17, when his father and two brothers, Federico and Petruccio, were murdered before his eyes. Forced to flee his birthplace with his remaining family, Ezio took refuge in the Tuscan town of Monteriggioni, at the Villa Auditore. Learning of his heritage from his uncle, Mario Auditore, Ezio began his Assassin training and his quest for vengeance against the Grand Master of the Templar Order, Rodrigo Borgia, who had ordered the execution of his father and two brothers.

During his quest, Ezio managed to not only unite the pages of Altaïr's Codex for the first time since Domenico Auditore but also to save the cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome from the Templars' control. He ensured the future travels of Christoffa Corombo to the "New World," liberated Rome from Borgia control, and prevented the rise to power of Ercole Massimo's Cult of Hermes, helping spread the Renaissance and Assassin ideals of independence and free thought throughout Italy.

In the years that followed, Ezio began a quest to rediscover the lost history of the Order. Traveling to the aged fortress of Masyaf in order to learn more about his ancestors, he discovered the fortress overrun with Templars and made his way to the city of Constantinople to uncover the location of the Seals of Altaïr which, as he discovered, would unlock a powerful weapon when brought together.


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Early lifeEditEdit

Maria: "Our son is watching."
Giovanni: "I know."
Maria: "You should talk to him."
Giovanni: "I will."
Maria Auditore and her husband discuss Ezio's rising curiosity[src]

[1]Ezio, moments after birth. Ezio Auditore da Firenze was born in Florence on June 24, 1459, as the second son of Giovanni and Maria Auditore. He appeared to be stillborn, but, after some words of encouragement from his father, began to cry, leading his father to call him "a fighter". Until the age of 17, Ezio lived a life of luxury amidst the members of the Florentine noble class, unaware of his father's allegiance to the Assassin Order. As a youth he was apprenticed to the great banker Giovanni Tornabuoni, presumably to learn the banking trade and become the leader of the Auditore bank in the future.[1][3]

[2]Ezio obtaining the scar on his lip.Added by Subject 16*In the year 1476, Ezio, his older brother Federico Auditore da Firenze, and friends of the family fought with Vieri de' Pazzi and his gang. Ezio pummeled several members of the opposing gang, but Vieri managed to flee the scene before Ezio could do anything to him. Just before the fight, Ezio received a gash on his lip – caused by Vieri throwing a stone – for which Federico suggested that they visit the local doctor. After looting several people left unconscious by the fight, the two brothers ran across the rooftops to find Ezio some medical help.

After the doctor tended to his wound, a church nearby caught the eye of the brothers, and Federico suggested a race. Ezio won, as he had reached the top quickest, and together the two looked out over the city. Realizing that he was nearby, Ezio traveled to the home of Cristina Vespucci and spent the night with her. Though caught by Cristina's father the morning after, Ezio fled from a group of pursuing guards before meeting with his own father at the Palazzo Auditore. Giovanni scolded him but later softened, admitting that his son's actions reminded him of his own youth, before asking Ezio for his assistance later. [3]Ezio's initial meeting with Leonardo da Vinci.Added by Vatsa1708Once he had returned home, Ezio's little brother Petruccio asked him if he could collect eagle feathers from the rooftops, with the promise to return to bed, as he was ill. After a tiring search for feathers – about which Petruccio was secretive – Ezio found his sister Claudia in a distraught state, crying on a bench in their home after discovering her boyfriend, Duccio, had been unfaithful. After obtaining his whereabouts, Ezio tracked down and beat Duccio before warning him to stay away from his sister. Upon returning to the palazzo once more, Ezio's mother secured his services in picking up some paintings from a young artist that she patronized, Leonardo da Vinci. On the walk home, Leonardo struck up a conversation, beginning a friendship between the two young men that would last throughout their later lives.[1]

Auditore executionEditEdit

"I'll kill you for what you've done!"
―Ezio Auditore to Uberto Alberti after watching his family's execution in 1476.[src]

[4]Ezio uncovering his fathers' robes and weapons.Added by Vatsa1708After finishing the errand for his mother, Giovanni requested that Ezio deliver two letters to contacts of his in the city before retrieving a third letter from a pigeon coop not far from the house. Ezio agreed, and after two odd encounters with the people he'd delivered the letters to, Ezio retrieved the note from the pigeon coop only to witness guards running across Florence. Ezio returned home to find his home ransacked, his father and brothers missing and his mother and sister hiding. Learning that city guards had been ordered to arrest Giovanni and all of his sons, Ezio made his way to the Palazzo della Signoria, where his father and brothers were being held. Climbing the building and speaking to his father through his cell window, Ezio was instructed to find a chest hidden in his office, take everything out of it, and deliver a sealed letter to Uberto Alberti, Gonfaloniere of Florence and a close friend of the Auditore family. Doing so, Ezio found his father's Assassin robes, Hidden Blade, and the letter containing details of a plot against the city of Florence and the Auditore family. Ezio brought the incriminating documents to Alberti and was assured that his family would be released the following day, when the information was presented as evidence of their innocence.[1] Ezio then traveled to the home of Cristina Vespucci, where he spent the night once again.[4] [5]Ezio restrained by guards at the execution.Added by Vatsa1708The next day, Ezio returned to the Piazza della Signoria to find Alberti presiding over the execution of the Auditores. Giovanni protested his innocence, citing the information given to Alberti as evidence, but Uberto denied any knowledge of such information. Ezio shouted that Alberti was indeed lying, but his efforts to prevent the execution were ultimately in vain. He could only watch helplessly as his father and brothers were hanged. When he attempted to charge the scaffold to avenge his kin, Alberti ordered the city guards to kill him. At the urging of one of Giovanni's friends, a thief, Ezio fled the Piazza della Signoria and sought shelter in a brothel, run by the sister of the Auditore housemaid, a courtesan named Paola.[1]

====Exacting revengeEdit====
"The Auditore are not dead! I'm still here! Me! Ezio! Ezio Auditore!"
―Ezio Auditore, 1476.[src]

Paola, who – unbeknownst to Ezio – was an Assassin herself, agreed to assist Ezio in his quest for vengeance, teaching him how to survive in the city as an outlaw through pickpocketing and blending in crowds. She further directed Ezio to Leonardo da Vinci to repair the Hidden Blade of the late Giovanni Auditore, but she did not notice that Ezio was being watched. After Leonardo repaired the Hidden Blade, a guard banged on the door and ordered Leonardo outside before trying to beat Ezio's location from him. Ezio realized something was wrong and crept up behind the guard, assassinating him. [6]Ezio furiously stabbing Uberto Alberti.Added by ThiefACAfter Leonardo had thanked him, Ezio sought out and assassinated Alberti in the courtyard of the Basilica di Santa Croce, who was attending Andrea del Verrocchio's latest exhibit. Once he had made his way into the courtyard, Ezio attacked Uberto in a frenzied rage, stabbing him multiple times in the chest, before proudly proclaiming to the guests attending the exhibit of the survival of the Auditore family, through him.[1] After killing Uberto Alberti, Ezio took the documents that the Gonfaloniere had concealed from him and his father. From amongst the body, Ezio also took a letter from Alberti that was supposed to be for his wife and son, and decided he would see to it that she got the letter, not wanting to sink to Uberto's level.

Early years as an AssassinEditEdit

Finding his heritageEditEdit

"All this talk of Assassins and Templars. It reeks of fantasy."
―Ezio trying to understand his heritage.[src]

[7]Mario throwing Ezio a sword after having come to his rescue.Added by Vatsa1708Now the most wanted man in Florence, Ezio fled the city with his mother and sister in the hopes of making their way to Spain, stopping beforehand at the Auditore family's villa in Monteriggioni for shelter. During their travel to Monteriggioni, the three were accosted by Vieri de' Pazzi and his followers, but were saved by the timely arrival of Ezio's uncle, Mario Auditore, and his mercenaries. Mario informed Ezio of the existence of the Assassins, in an obvious attempt to induct him into the Order, revealing that many of his ancestors, including Giovanni, were part of it. However, Ezio refused his ancestry, wishing only to continue his journey to Spain to ensure his mother and sister's safety, along with the new skills he possessed. Enraged, Mario left Monteriggioni for the city of San Gimignano, where Vieri de' Pazzi had been located, in the attempt to relieve Monteriggioni of continual assaults by his minions. Guilt-ridden and knowing his presence was a primary reason for the ongoing attacks, Ezio traveled to San Gimignano to accept Mario's offer.[1] [8]Ezio killing Vieri.Added by Vatsa1708When Ezio arrived outside the city, he joined Mario and his mercenaries in their assault, waiting until nightfall to make their way to Vieri de' Pazzi by killing guards patrolling near the city gates. After witnessing a brief meeting between Rodrigo Borgia, Jacopo de' Pazzi, Francesco de' Pazzi and Vieri, Ezio made for his foe; while Mario and his mercenaries kept Vieri's thugs distracted, Ezio challenged and fought Vieri for the last time, eventually overpowering and killing him after a brief duel. Ezio tried to extract a confession from his old enemy, though Vieri chose to be snide even to the very end. Infuriated by this, Ezio flew into a rage and insulted Vieri's corpse, continuing until his uncle calmed him down and reminded him of a tradition of the Assassins: showing respect to those they have killed.[1]

Pazzi ConspiracyEditEdit

"I've been sent from Firenze by Il Magnifico to attend to some unfinished business; I'm looking for Jacopo de' Pazzi."
―Ezio, upon returning from Florence after dealing with Francesco de' Pazzi.[src]

Following Vieri's death, Ezio returned to Florence in 1478 to gather information on a conspiracy against the Medici family. However, Ezio visited Cristina before he carried out this mission. Cristina was surprised to see Ezio and confessed she was to be married, as she thought she would never see Ezio again. Suddenly a woman screamed from outside that a man named Manfredo was in trouble with several gamblers. Ezio asked who Manfredo was and Cristina confessed it was her fiancé. Ezio ran off and found Manfredo in a fight with several gamblers he was in debt too. Killing off the gamblers, Ezio, enraged by Manfredo's actions, demanded Manfredo to be a good husband to Cristina or he would will him. Ezio met Cristina in a alleyway afterwards. Kissing her, Ezio left, telling her Manfredo would be a good husband.[5]

Ezio later had Leonardo construct him a second hidden blade and with information provided by Leonardo, was able to find La Volpe, hoping he could help Ezio uncover more about the Templar conspiracy against the Medici. La Volpe directed Ezio to a underground catacomb where a Templar meeting was being help. Ezio was subsequently able to find the underground meeting and discover the Pazzi planned to kill the Medici at the Duomo and place their own people in government, under orders from their master, Rodrigo Borgia.[1] [9]Lorenzo requests Ezio's aid.Added by Vatsa1708The next day Ezio arrived at the Duomo to try and prevent the public assassination, though was unsuccessful. Francesco de' Pazzi, along with Bernardo Baroncelli, were able to kill Guilani de' Medici and injure Lorenzo. Ezio came to Lorenzo's aid and fended off Francesco. However, the Pazzi had already succeeded in their plan and brought the city into a state of civil war. After escorting Lorenzo to safety at his palazzo, Ezio told Lorenzo his name, to which Lorenzo explained he knew Ezio's father.[1]Ezio learned from Lorenzo's lieutenant Poliziano the location of Francesco de' Pazzi at the Piazza della Signoria. As Pazzi and Medici troops battled in the streets below them, Ezio chased down and slew Francesco, although Jacopo de' Pazzi and several other conspirators were able to escape the city. Shortly afterward, Ezio met up with Lorenzo at the Ponte Vecchio. Lorenzo explained that as a child he fell into the river, drowning, though he was saved by Giovanni Auditore, hence starting a friendship between the Auditore and the Medici families. When Ezio asked of the conspirators, Lorenzo explained they fled. With this the Medici publicly cleared the name of the Auditore family and provided Ezio with the names of the conspirators who had escaped.[1]

Learning that the Pazzi conspirators had fled to San Gimignano, after gaining information from Mario, Ezio tracked down and killed Antonio Maffei, Stefano da Bagnone, Bernardo Baroncelli and Francesco Salviati, extracting from each man information on Jacopo de' Pazzi's whereabouts. Using the information, Ezio located his[10]Ezio apprehended by Borgia guards.Added by Vatsa1708quarry and tracked Jacopo to an Roman ancient theater. Once there, Ezio eavesdropped on a meeting between Jacopo, Rodrigo Borgia and a Venetian merchant and Templar, Emilio Barbarigo.[1]After fatally wounding Jacopo for his failure to capture Florence, Borgia revealed that he was aware of Ezio's presence. While Borgia and Emilio fled, Ezio was apprehended by Borgia's bodyguards, but he overpowered and killed them, before swiftly putting the dying Jacopo out of his misery.[1]

Hunt in VeniceEditEdit

Carlo Grimaldi: "It's the Assassin you should be worried about!"
Emilio Barbarigo: "Why? Is... Is he in Venezia?"
―Carlo Grimaldi and Emilio Barbarigo discuss Ezio minutes before the latter's assassination.[src]

[11]Ezio riding through the Appennine Mountains.Added by PhantomT1412With the Pazzi conspiracy ended, Ezio returned to Lorenzo in 1480 and declared his success. Before leaving the city for Venice, Ezio was granted a gift; a Medici cape, that would keep the city guards' attention from him. Ezio then made his way to Leonardo's workshop, only to find that he had just left for Venice himself. Meeting with Leonardo in the Appennine Mountains, Ezio first saw Leonardo's flying machine. Accompanying him to the city of Forlì, Ezio narrowly avoided the attacking Templar horsemen and archers Rodrigo Borgia sent after them. Drawing closer to their destination, Ezio left Leonardo to proceed on his own while he took care off the remaining Templars. Ezio made his way into the region of Romagna and met Leonardo just outside the city of Forlì.[1]

Eventually arriving in Forlì, the two made their way to the city docks, where Ezio was refused passage without a pass. Behind them, the two heard the screams of a noble lady stranded in the city's wetlands. Ezio swiftly hastened to her rescue and was able to row the woman ashore. The lady introduced herself as Caterina Sforza and coerced the dockman into granting Ezio passage to Venice. [12]Ezio, carrying Rosa to safety.Added by Crimson PsycheOnce in Venice, Ezio and Leonardo were given a brief tour of the city by Alvise before Ezio began to seek a way into the Palazzo of Emilio Barbarigo, although this effort proved to be in vain. Suddenly pushed aside, Ezio watched as a gang of thieves attempted and failed to breach the Palazzo, leading Ezio to subsequently aid the thief Rosa, who had been shot through the leg with an arrow. After successfully escaping the city guards, Ezio was introduced to the leader of the Venetian Thieves Guild, Antonio, and together, they concocted a new plot to kill Emilio Barbarigo and liberate the merchant district.[1] [13]Ezio flying to the Palazzo Ducale.Added by Master Sima YiThe plot, taking place during four years, was successful and gave Ezio the name of another Templar conspirator – Carlo Grimaldi. A government official and member of the Council of Ten, Carlo was close to Giovanni Mocenigo, the Doge of Venice and hoped to turn him to the Templar cause. Overhearing another meeting between Borgia and Carlo, Ezio uncovered a plot to poison the Doge and replace him with Marco Barbarigo. Returning to Antonio, he sought to find a way into the Palazzo Ducale. The pair searched the front gates, the rear walls and even passing over the Basilica di San Marco; but they were hampered at every turn. Returning to the piazza below, an enraged Antonio remarked that only birds might get into the Doge's palace, reminding Ezio of Leonardo's flying machine, which he had seen on the way to Forlì. After a somewhat unsuccessful test flight, Leonardo came up with a way to ensure that Ezio reached his destination.[1]

After removing the city guards at four separate locations, Antonio's thieves proceeded to light massive bonfires throughout the city, giving Ezio the lift Leonardo's flying machine needed to make it to the Palazzo Ducale. The plan worked, and Ezio breached the Palazzo Ducale, although too late to save the Doge. Carlo fled the scene, crying out that Ezio had assassinated the Doge, only to meet his own end at Ezio's hands moments later. However, Ezio was now the most wanted man in Venice and was forced to flee the city guards. [14]Ezio at the awarding ceremony.Added by Schinni999Returning to Leonardo's workshop for help in 1486, Ezio was directed to Sister Teodora's brothel, where Antonio was hiding. Under the cover of Carnevale, Ezio made his way to the brothel and began planning the death of Marco Barbarigo, competing in the four games of the Carnevale to win the golden mask that would gain him entrance to Marco's private party. Ezio was successful but found that Marco's cousin, Silvio Barbarigo and Marco's personal slave-bodyguard, Dante Moro intimidated and bribed the judges into denying him his prize. However, Ezio was successful in regaining the mask from Moro and managed to infiltrate the Doge's personal party and assassinate Marco with an ingenious new weapon, leaving the door open for Agostino, a Barbarigo not involved with the Templars, and an ally of Antonio's, to legitimately become Doge.[1] [15]Ezio, Agostino and Antonio discussing Silvio's location.Added by Schinni999With his quest nearly at an end, Ezio tracked down Silvio Barbarigo and Dante Moro, who had occupied the Arsenal with an army of mercenaries. Needing a force of his own, Ezio was directed to find the mercenary leader, Bartolomeo d'Alviano, only to find Silvio's thugs had attacked Bartolomeo's headquarters and captured him and a number of his soldiers. Ezio swiftly located and liberated Bartolomeo and his soldiers; once he learned of Ezio's purpose, the mercenary captain was more than willing to assist in Silvio's destruction. Having tracked the Templars down to the city's Arsenal, Ezio managed to storm the building with the help of Bartolomeo and his men and killed Dante Moro and Silvio Barbarigo in the ensuing battle. However, he was astonished to learn that the plot to remove the Doge was merely a distraction, so that the Templars could move their vessel to Cyprus, although the reasons for this were unknown to Ezio.[1]

First years as a formal AssassinEditEdit

Induction into the OrderEditEdit

"It's been over ten years since I watched my father and brothers die. Ten years hunting the men responsible. I'm close to the end now, but no closer to knowing what any of it was for!"
―Ezio discusses his life as an Assassin[src]

[16]Ezio in a soldier's disguise facing Rodrigo.Added by Subject 16*Two more years passed before word of the Templar vessel reached Ezio once again on his twenty-eighth birthday, when Rosa brought him a shipping manifest detailing the return of the ship that very day. Sneaking into the Arsenal, Ezio watched as a Templar guard carrying a Piece of Eden disembarked from the ship and made his way to a Templar base in the city. Following the soldier, Ezio assassinated and impersonated the guard, carrying the Piece of Eden to a meeting with Rodrigo Borgia himself. Finally able to confront the man ultimately responsible for the deaths of his father and brothers, Ezio criticized the Templar Grand Master for the non-appearance of the supposed "prophet" detailed in the Codex prophecy. Borgia responded, proudly naming himself the prophet before engaging Ezio in battle. The battle was short, and Ezio easily bested the Templar. Borgia called upon the city guards and taunted the Assassin, saying that "his people" had failed to show up.[1]

At that very moment, Mario Auditore, along with Antonio, Paola, Teodora, La Volpe and Bartolomeo d'Alviano appeared, driving off Borgia and revealing themselves to Ezio as Assassins. With the arrival of Niccolò Machiavelli, it was revealed to Ezio that he was in fact the supposed "prophet", and that for the past decade they had all worked together to induct Ezio into the Assassin Order. That night, they all met again and Ezio was formally inducted into the Order. He received a mark burned onto the flesh of his left hand's ring finger instead of having it removed, as the process made a member less noticeable to their enemies.[1]

Battle of ForlìEditEdit

[17]Ezio and the others examining the Apple.Added by ZwooooooshShortly after his induction, Ezio met with Mario and Niccolò, and traveled to Leonardo da Vinci's studio, hoping he could shed some light upon the strange artifact Rodrigo Borgia had dubbed "the Apple". Leonardo examined the unique device, commenting that the metal it was made of should not exist, and that its design was highly advanced despite its age. Briefly touching the Apple, Ezio accidentally activated the device, which started to glow and show strange holographic images. De-activating the device, Niccolò announced that he had arranged for the Piece of Eden to be held in the Rocca di Ravaldino, protected by an ally of the Assassins', Caterina Sforza. Niccolò and Ezio met with Caterina in Romagna, just outside the city of Forlì. After briefly discussing the Apple, the three made their way back to the city, only to find that it had been invaded by the Orsi brothers: Checco and Ludovico.[6]

As the group fought its way to the city's locked gates, Ezio managed to find another way inside and opened the gates, allowing them to continue their way to the Citadel. Reaching the Rocca di Ravaldino, they found out that two of Caterina’s children, Ottaviano and Bianca, were in the hands of the Orsi brothers, who had recently arrived and begun attacking the Citadel. Repelling the attack, Ezio left the Apple in Caterina's hands, before going to rescue her two children.[6] [18]Ezio briefly glimpses Savonarola, before passing out.Added by ZwooooooshMaking his way into Romagna, Ezio overpowered the guard detail assigned to imprison Bianca, who directed Ezio to her brother Ottaviano. As Bianca fled back to the city, Ezio made his way to the lighthouse upon which Ottaviano was being held by Ludovico himself. Climbing the tower, Ezio dispatched Ludovico and freed Ottaviano, though not before learning that the kidnapping was a distraction, which had allowed the brothers to steal the Apple. Ezio swiftly tracked down and killed Checco Orsi and his remaining men. Retrieving the Apple, Ezio failed to notice that Checco had stabbed him in the abdomen. Injured, Ezio collapsed to the floor, the Apple rolling from his hand. Before losing consciousness Ezio saw a monk with a missing finger pick up the Apple and walk away, despite Ezio having pleaded to him not to open the sack holding the Apple.[6] [19]Ezio waking up next to Caterina.Added by Campbell430Caterina’s guards later found Ezio next to Checco’s corpse and returned him to Forlì, where Caterina nursed him back to health. Returned to his senses, Ezio, now bearded, hurriedly explained to Caterina that a man in black had stolen the Apple. She recognized him for a monk and told Ezio to search for the monk at the church outside the city walls. There was no sign of the monk, but Ezio met with Brother O’Callahan, who told him to continue his search at San Vincenzo, in central Forlì. An abbot there identified Ezio as Stefano da Bagnone's killer and ran away. He was intercepted and, once convinced he was not about to die, gave Ezio the name of the nine fingered monk: Girolamo Savonarola.[4][6]

Journey in SpainEditEdit

[20]Ezio meeting Christoffa Corombo.Added by War ClownWhile trying to locate Savonarola, Ezio was told by an acquaintance to meet Antonio at the Thieves Guild in Venice. Upon arriving there, Ezio found Antonio accompanied by another man, Luis de Santángel. Luis was looking for a good "killer" who could oversee a meeting involving Luis' friend Christoffa Corombo, but Ezio expressed no interest. However, when he heard that Rodrigo Borgia was also involved in the meeting, he rushed to Christoffa's location, finding out that it was a trap. However, he managed to save Christoffa, who explained that Rodrigo was interested in his plans to sail west. Soon afterwards, Ezio met with Antonio again, who told him to go see both Luis and Christoffa in the gardens district.[7]

They then told him that the Templars were in possession of Christoffa's atlas, which featured the journey's route. Ezio quickly recovered the atlas and brought it back to Christoffa and Luis. Luis informed Ezio of the presence of Spanish Assassins, who were held captive by the Spanish Inquisitor General, Tomás de Torquemada. Feeling it was his duty to rescue them, Ezio temporarily diverged from his goal to reclaim the Apple of Eden and set out to Spain, but not before Antonio gave him the names of two of his contacts.[7] [21]Ezio locked in combat with a guard during his time in Spain.Added by Master Sima YiAfter arriving in Spain and briefly losing his sword to a thief, Ezio met with to Antonio's contacts and was directed to the local Thieves Guild. When he arrived at the location, he found that it empty. only to be ambushed by the Inquisitors' men. After making his escape through the sewers, he met a man who called himself Raphael Sanchez, who revealed himself to be an Assassin. He informed Ezio of the location of the first captured Assassin, and Ezio rushed to save him. Right before the Assassin could be burned by the Inquisitors, Ezio killed all the guards and freed him. After Ezio's return, Raphael revealed that it was Gaspar Martinez who was ordered to capture the Assassins by Torquemada. Ezio located Gaspar and found him, Torquemada and a guard surrounding a captured Assassin.[7]

Torquemada revealed to the captured Assassin, and indirectly to Ezio, that Rodrigo Borgia had ordered him to capture Assassins in Spain, because they were "non-believers" (in the Catholic religion). After the guard killed the Assassin, the group disbanded and Gaspar was left unguarded. Ezio then met with him and asked him what he knew of the Templars, but Gaspar feigned ignorance and said that they "went away two centuries ago." He fell silently to Ezio's blade, and Ezio acquired a list of six other Assassins' names.

After freeing the first man on the list, Ezio took him back to Raphael, informing the latter of the existence of the list. However, all the remaining Assassins were located in Zaragoza. [22]Luis, Raphael, Christoffa and Ezio.Added by MajorDomoEliteOnce in Zaragoza, Raphael told Ezio to find the Inquisition's Calficador, Pedro Llorente, whose tribunal met at the far side of town. Arriving there, Ezio found that Torquemada was also present. One of the Assassins was being tried, and after he refused to convert and confess, was killed. Ezio eavesdropped on the ensuing conversation and found out that Torquemada was under orders from Rodrigo Borgia to arrest the Assassins. He hurried to locate the remaining five Assassins. Four of them where held captive inside some catacombs. The last was held inside a church. After securing their safety, Ezio killed Pedro Llorente. Returning to Raphael, he requested to return to Italy. However, Raphael still needed some help against the Inquisitors in Granada. Ezio complied, helping to assassinate a Templar spy in the city and discovering along the way that Luis Santangel was also an Assassin.[7] [23]Ezio standing before Torquemada.Added by Master Sima YiOnce again Ezio planned to return to Italy, but was disturbed by the Templars. He was forced to fight off the Templars to defend Luis, and was informed that Raphael has been captured. Ezio fought to rescue Raphael, and proceeded to infiltrate Torquemada's fortress. After a brief conversation between Ezio and Torquemada, Torquemada closed the gates in front of him, preventing Ezio from assassinating him. Ezio returned to Raphael and Luis and said that he did not believe Torquemada was a Templar himself, but only blindly followed Rodrigo Borgia's false preachings. He ultimately left for Italy to resume his quest to find the Apple of Eden and told Luis and Raphael to inform him of Christoffa's journey to find the "New World" when he would return.[7]

Bonfire of the VanitiesEditEdit

"There is no book or teacher to give you the answers, to show you the way. Choose your own way! Do not follow me, or anyone else."
―Ezio after Savanarola's death[src]

Having returned from Spain, Ezio immediately continued his quest to find the Apple of Eden. He returned to his hometown of Florence in 1492, and bumped into a monk who was running from Borgia guards, saying they were asking about "apples." Ezio, realizing the Borgia knew Savonarola had the Apple, rushed to the Santa Maria and found a monk whose surname was Savonarola being harassed by Borgia guards. After watching the scene unfold, Ezio jumped down from atop the church and rescued Savonarola. Ezio realized the monk had all ten fingers, and he introduced himself as Marcello Savonarola; Girolamo's cousin. Marcello, in favor to Ezio, revealed that his cousin was in Venice at the time, and Ezio set off once again.[4]

Ezio was greeted by Teodora in Venice, and asked her where he could find the fire-and-brimstone-preaching monk. She replied that she did not know where Savonarola was, but did know where to find a Herald who preached similar things. Additionally, she revealed that Lorenzo de' Medici had died and that Rodrigo Borgia had become Pope, taking the name of Alexander VI. Teodora led Ezio to the square where the Herald was preaching, and Ezio blended in with the crowd. Convincing the Herald that he was a true believer and asking him about Savonarola's location, Ezio concluded that the Herald was completely blinded by faith.[4]

Eventually, a young man screamed at the preacher, saying that he had just escaped from Florence, which was taken over by Savonarola. He explained that the Signoria were either behind Savonarola or powerless against him, and that people like Botticelli were joining him in starting bonfires, burning writings and arts related to the Renaissance. The young man revealed himself to be Piero de' Medici, son of the late Lorenzo. Ezio walked up to him, saying that he was a friend of his father. After the Herald ordered their deaths, Ezio revealed his name to Piero and the two men faced off against their attackers. The Herald himself pulled out a dagger and stabbed Ezio, but Piero saved him by slicing the Herald's legs, after which Ezio finished the Herald off. While Piero went to warn Agostino Barbarigo of Savonarola's preachings, Ezio left Venice.[4] [24]Ezio and Machiavelli discussing Savonarola.Added by Zac skywalkerEzio returned to Florence in 1497, and made his way to the Oltrarno district, hearing stories about Savonarola's dictatorship and the desire for the Assassin's return and eventually meeting with Machiavelli on a bridge. While making their way to the Palazzo Pitti, finding a group of killed Borgia guards along the way, Ezio devised a plan to overthrow Savonarola's rule; he would kill Savonarola's lieutenants, and Machiavelli, Paola and La Volpe would rally the citizens to stand up to Savonarola's rule. Ezio set off to finish off each of Savonarola's nine lieutenants.[8] [25]Cristina dying in Ezio's arms.Added by Gold Chief 117Ezio ran into Manfredo Soderini again, where he found him barely alive after being attacked by Savonarola's men. Ezio rushly asked where Cristina was, and Manfredo replied that the men chased after her. Ezio successfully managed to kill Cristina's attackers, but she was heavily wounded. She admitted to Ezio that she would have liked for them to have had a second chance before dying in his arms.[5]

Soon after Ezio killed Savonarola's followers, the rioters formed an angry mob and went to the Palazzo Pitti, where Savonarola resided, demanding an end to the bonfires. Savanarola tried to use the Apple to quell the riot, but before he could, Ezio threw a knife at him, knocking the Apple out of his hand. In the ensuing chaos, the Apple was picked up by a guard in service to the Borgia, who had also been trying to recover the Apple from Savonarola. Ezio followed him, killed him and recovered the Apple. Savonarola was then sentenced to be executed in the same way he had dealt with the city's knowledge: burned at the stake on the Piazza della Signoria. However, Ezio decided that no one should have to die in such agony.[8] [26]Ezio assassinating Savonarola before he is burned.Added by Campbell430The Assassin leapt onto the execution platform and put Savonarola out of his misery. He then looked at the stunned mob and gave a speech to them, urging them to follow their own path and rely on their own thoughts, not what they were told by the ones in power. He then left with Mario, Niccolò, Paola and La Volpe, ready to uncover the answers hidden within the Apple.[8]

Dealing with the BorgiaEditEdit

Confrontation in the VaticanEditEdit

"I thought... I thought I was beyond this. But I'm not. I've waited too long, lost too much."
―Ezio to Rodrigo Borgia during his first assassination attempt[src]

The following year saw the Assassins come together once more at the Villa Auditore, with the Piece of Eden and the completed Codex in hand. Using the two objects, they discovered the location of the Vault to be in Rome - specifically, beneath the Vatican. Unfortunately, Rodrigo Borgia had become Pope in 1492, although Mario believed he had only done so to gain access to the Papal Staff, another of the Pieces of Eden. Undeterred, Ezio went to assassinate Rodrigo Borgia.[1] [27]Ezio confronting Rodrigo.Added by Subject 16*Fighting his way along the entire length of the Passetto di Borgo, Ezio snuck into the Sistine Chapel and struck at Rodrigo from above. As he was about to deal the killing blow, Rodrigo surprised him by using the Staff to blast him away and drain the energy of those in the room. Since Ezio held the Apple, he was immune to the Staff's effects, and the two engaged in a duel.[1]

Ezio created multiple illusional copies of himself with the Apple. For a while, it seemed that Ezio had bested Rodrigo, but the Pope overcame him. Rodrigo then took the Apple and stabbed Ezio in the abdomen, leaving him to die before fleeing into the Vault. However Ezio soon regained consciousness and, following his nemesis to the outside of the Vault, Ezio watched as Rodrigo tried in vain to open it. Laying down his arms, Ezio challenged and defeated Rodrigo in a final brawl, obtaining possession of both the Apple and the Staff, but refusing to take the Borgia's life, having realized the futility of revenge.[1]

"Killing you won't bring my family back... I'm done."
―Ezio spares Rodrigo's life[src]

[28]Ezio in the Vatican Vault.Added by Ezio Auditore PS360Entering the Vault, Ezio stood in shock as he was confronted by a hologram of an individual naming herself "Minerva" and claiming to be one of Those Who Came Before. Ezio was further confounded when the hologram sought to speak to an unseen figure named Desmond, and started showing holograms of an event that would befall the world hundreds of years from then. Minerva disappeared abruptly, leaving Ezio with many unanswered questions.[1] Ezio left the Vault, meeting up with Mario, and the two fought their way out of Saint Peter's Basilica. The two climbed a tower where Ezio was about to drop the Apple of Eden in the Tiber, though, upon realizing his insecurity, Mario took the Apple and kept it safe until Ezio could make a decision. The two proceeded their way back home to Monteriggioni.[5]

Siege of MonteriggioniEditEdit

[29]Ezio meeting with the other Assassins.Added by Vatsa1708During their journey, Ezio imparted onto his uncle what he had learned from Minerva, but soon found solace in the fact that his own battles were finally at an end. That evening, Ezio once again retold the events of his encounter in the Vault, this time to Machiavelli, his sister, and mother. Machiavelli in turn criticized Ezio for his failure to kill Rodrigo Borgia. That night, unconcerned with Machiavelli's outburst, Ezio returned to his bedchamber to share an intimate night with Caterina Sforza. He soon learned however, that the Borgia threat was far from over.[5] [30]Ezio shot in the chest.Added by Vatsa1708On January 2, 1500, Cesare Borgia, the son of Rodrigo, Commander of the Papal armies and a high-ranking Templar in his own right, laid siege to Monteriggioni. Taking the Assassins by surprise, Cesare's forces were quickly able to level half the city before Ezio managed to reach the cannons above the wall ramparts and return fire, destroying many of Cesare's own siege weapons. This was a futile effort on Ezio's behalf in order to get the citizens to safety, however, as Cesare's forces managed to breach the city gates, despite the defense put up by Ezio and his uncle. Entering the city, Cesare brought a mortally wounded Mario Auditore and captured Caterina Sforza before him. Seeing his uncle lying on the ground, Ezio ran across the rooftops in a vain effort to reach them but was shot by arquebusiers upon the city walls. At the same time Cesare "invited" Ezio to come to Rome with a shot of his own firearm: the shot killed Mario.[5]

Ezio, having soon regained consciousness as two of Mario's mercenaries were dragging him, continued to partake in the battle, which had by now spilled into what was left of the city streets. Retreating to the Sanctuary, Ezio and the fleeing civilians fled through a secret passageway that had been hidden behind the statue of Altaïr. After ensuring his mother and sister were safe, Ezio then made his way for Rome. An undetermined amount of time later, Ezio passed out off of his horse however, his wounds having not been treated.[5]

Moving to RomeEditEdit

"There will be no peace until we rise up against the entire Borgia family and the Templars who serve them."
―Ezio discussing his motives for staying in Rome.[src]

[31]Margherita dei Campi treating Ezio's wounds.Added by ZwooooooshEzio eventually awoke to find his wound being treated by a stranger, Margherita dei Campi,[9] who told him that he had simply been dropped off at her doorstep. The man who had brought him there had also supplied him with a new set of robes. After leaving the house Ezio had his wounds tended by a practiced doctor before setting out to make contact with Machiavelli in the center of the city.

His attention was soon caught, however, by the discussion of a group of guards who were set on injuring an innocent civilian for "causing the Borgia guards trouble."[5]

Following the guards and aiding the distressed civilian, whose wife had recently been executed by a Borgia ally known as Il Carnefice, Ezio got his first taste of life in the city. Making his way up to Il Carnefice's abode, Ezio assassinated him and continued on his way to meet with Machiavelli. From him, Ezio discovered that, under the Borgia, Rome had fallen into a state of disrepair and that its citizens were being oppressed by them. Machiavelli also told him of Cesare Borgia, the son of the Templar Grand Master and the man responsible for the death of Mario Auditore.[5] [32]Ezio conversing with Machiavelli and Fabio.Added by Zac skywalkerTogether, Ezio and Machiavelli met with Fabio Orsini, an ally of Bartolomeo d'Alviano who had been forced into serving Cesare Borgia. Fabio lent to the Assassins an old storehouse of his on Tiber Island, in the hope that they would find a better use for it. From here, Ezio traveled to the Rosa in Fiore in an attempt to gather the support of the city's courtesans. When he arrived however, he learned that Madonna Solari, the head of the brothel, had been kidnapped by the Cento Occhi, Cesare's hired thugs, and was being held for ransom.[5]

Gathering the funds necessary, Ezio made his way to the kidnappers' location only to be double crossed. Madonna Solari was murdered and Ezio attacked. Ezio survived the ambush and returned to the Rose in Fiore to discover his mother and sister there. With no-one to lead them, the courtesans turned to Claudia Auditore to act as their Madonna; Ezio agreed to her appointment, albeit with great reluctance. Ezio then moved on to gather the support of both La Volpe's thieves, who were suffering at the hands of the Cento Occhi, and d'Alviano's mercenaries.[5]

Aiding CopernicusEditEdit

"If the Borgia are involved, then so am I."
―Ezio, after noticing the guards attack Copernicus.[src]

Meanwhile, in 1500, while on the Campidoglio, Ezio noticed a scholar by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus giving a strange speech to the Roman citizens. After having asked another spectator about the man's identity, he learned that the man came from the Vatican; however, he soon saw a battalion of Borgia guards attack Copernicus, and joined in the fight. Ezio managed to safely defend Copernicus from the attacking Borgia guards. The two men introduced themselves to one another, with Copernicus admitting to having been a Templar himself, until he disagreed with the other Templars on keeping the findings of his scientific experiments hidden from the public.[10] [33]Copernicus giving Ezio the documents.Added by Subject 16*Upon hearing that more Borgia guards were looking for Copernicus, they quickly left the Campidoglio and went looking for a hideout. Evading the Borgia guards, Ezio found shelter for Copernicus in a small house in the countryside around the Colosseum. Once there, Copernicus realized that his fellow scholars would be in danger as well, and asked Ezio to deliver them several letters in order to bring the threat to their safety to their attention. Despite being insecure on whether to trust Copernicus or not, Ezio agreed on delivering the letters.[10]

Ezio travelled across the Centro District, delivering letters to several scholars located there and managed to save most of them. He returned to Copernicus in the countryside, who told him that the Master of the Sacred Palace, a priest appointed by the Pope to ensure that the Roman religious philosophy remained pure, was most likely the person responsible for the attacks. Ezio followed a cardinal roaming nearby, who eventually led him to the Master of the Sacred Palace. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ezio found out that the Master of the Sacred Palace had sent his best men to kill the scholars whom Ezio delivered the letters to, and quickly rushed to save them. Rushing to prevent the murders of the scholars, Ezio succesfully managed to assassinate all of the hired men, and returned to Copernicus.[10] [34]Ezio and Copernicus looking at the eclipse together.Added by Subject 16*He informed Copernicus that his suspicions were right. Nonetheless, Copernicus wanted to chronicle an eclipse, not caring for the Master's attempts to kill him. Ezio set off once again, with the intention to kill the Master of the Sacred Palace. Ezio found him and killed him with his hidden blade, and in his dying breath, the Master revealed that he had already sent his best men to kill Copernicus. Ezio quickly set off to where Copernicus would research the eclipse, and arrived just in time, as Ezio and Copernicus managed to kill the assassin. Looking at the eclipse together, Copernicus revealed to Ezio that the sun was most likely the midpoint of the universe, contrary to common believe that it is the Earth. Copernicus thanked Ezio for his aid, and they went their separate ways.[10]

Infiltrating the Castel Sant'AngeloEditEdit

"Do not worry. [The Borgia] will die. You have my word."
―Ezio, after agreeing on killing the Rodrigo and Cesare.[src]

After receiving intelligence reports from Claudia, La Volpe and Bartolomeo indicating the Caterina Sforza was being held in the Castel Sant'Angelo Ezio departed to rescue her, though not before Machiavelli demanded that, should he get the opportunity, he kill Cesare and Rodrigo.[5] [35]Ezio carrying Lucrezia Borgia.Added by Vatsa1708Infiltrating the castle, Ezio scaled the fortress' double walls and apprehended Lucrezia Borgia, who was holding the keys to Caterina's cell. From there they escaped, making sure they remained undetected until they had procured a mount. Fleeing across the Ponte Sant'Angelo, Ezio ordered Caterina to ride on whilst he dealt with the pursuing guards—only a timely explosion from within the Castel prevented him from being overwhelmed. Returning to his base of operations, Ezio decided that in order to free Rome from its Borgia oppression, he must involve those who were being oppressed. Despite Machiavelli's reservations, the two agreed to begin recruiting citizens of Rome into Ezio's new Brotherhood, so that the liberation of Rome could begin.[5]

Expanding the BrotherhoodEditEdit

"I say we work here. In Roma. Erode the Borgia’s influence while restoring our own. And in fact, I want to begin right now."
―Ezio revealing his plans to fight against the Borgia.[src]

[36]Ezio recruiting a citizen.Added by Subject 16*Within a year, Ezio had turned a number of Rome's citizens into Assassin apprentices, as well as adopting several existing members of the Order into his guild, such as Francesco Vecellio, whose former master had betrayed the Order to save his infant son.[11] The apprentices fought and trained alongside Ezio, as well as undertaking missions to aid their fellow assassins in cities across Europe, and as far a field as Calicut, India. He also had his apprentices aid him in removing a number of Templar agents, such as Malfatto and Silvestro Sabbatini.[5]

Eventually, Ezio received a surprise visit from his old friend Leonardo da Vinci, who informed him that he had been pressed into providing the Borgia with various forms of advanced weaponry and war machines. Leonardo promised to provide Ezio with the tools necessary to destroy his weapons, albeit at a small monetary cost. Ezio agreed, and, in his war against the Borgia, managed to destroy all of Leonardo's machines.[5]

Finding the BankerEditEdit

"If we cut off his funds, Cesare will lose his army and return without his men. So, I ask you, where does he get his money?"
―Ezio, asking the other Assassins about the Banker.[src]

[37]Ezio at the meeting in the hideout.Added by Subject 16*Ezio met with Machiavelli, La Volpe, Claudia and Caterina in the Assassin hideout, discussing their plans to attack the Borgia. Ezio asked them where Cesare got his funds from, to which La Volpe replied that Cesare had his own personal banker, whose identity was unknown and was only referred to as "the Banker". Additionally, Ezio revealed that he intended to kill the French general, so that Cesare would lose a large part of his protection. La Volpe revealed that there was a side entrance into the Castel Sant'Angelo that Ezio could use, and that Lucrezia's lover Pietro had a key to enter it.[5]

Upon leaving the hideout, Ezio noticed Caterina about to leave on horseback, saying that she was of no good to anyone without Forlì in her possession, and that she wanted to be with her children in Florence. Despite Ezio's request for her to stay, Caterina left Rome.[5] [38]Ezio talking with Egidio.Added by Subject 16*Ezio met with Claudia in the Rosa in Fiore, who told him that senator Egidio Troche frequently came into the brothel to complain about the Banker, and that he could find Egidio at the Campidoglio. Hearing several men on the Campidoglio talking about Egidio making failed attempts to get finances, he eventually found him under attack of Borgia guards and rescued him. Together, they went through the district looking for a safe place for Egidio to hide out in, until Egidio found shelter in the home of his brother Francesco, who was angry at Egidio for warning the ambassador of Venice of Cesare's plans for Romagna. Egidio was willing to aid Ezio, telling him that the Borgia guards usually lead him to the Banker and that he needed money to meet with them. Ezio brought him the required amount of florins, and Egidio met with the guards, while Ezio followed them via the rooftops.[5] [39]Ezio about to hand over the chest.Added by AEDEventually they arrived at the Pantheon, where the money was given to the Borgia captain Luigi Torcelli. Ezio infiltrated the Pantheon via the roof and killed Luigi, taking his clothes and pretending to be him. Together with two Borgia guards, Ezio was able to carry the money to the right location - a feast Cesare was throwing in celebration of his conquests - and passed the chest of money on to the next guard. Ezio was given entry to the party, but the guards soon found out that Luigi was killed in the Pantheon and they went out looking for Ezio.[5]

With the aid of Claudia's courtesans, Ezio was able to remain undetected while following the chest carrier to the party. Once there, he overheard the Banker introduce himself as Juan Borgia to a courtesan, and took her with him. Ezio followed them both while remaining undetected, to where Cesare was giving a speech. Ezio avoided the patrolling guards and took a seat on a bench, and killed Juan Borgia after he came passing by.[5]

Ezio escaped and returned to the Rosa in Fiore, where a group of courtesans who stole the chest of money cried out that the Borgia guards followed them to the brothel, and that they went after Claudia and Maria. Ezio rushed inside, only to find out that Claudia killed all the Borgia guards by herself using a knife.[5]

Battle with the FrenchEditEdit

[40]Ezio in disguise delivering Bartolomeo to Octavian.Added by Subject 16*Following the Banker's death, Ezio traveled to Bartolomeo d'Alviano's barracks, where he soon discovered that Bartolomeo's wife, Pantasilea Baglioni, had been kidnapped by the Baron de Valois, commander of Cesare's French allies in Rome. Despite putting up a valiant defense of his barracks, Bartolomeo saw no feasible way he could secure his wife's safety short of surrendering; Ezio however, had another idea. Eliminating a large number of French soldiers, Bartolomeo's mercenaries took on the guise of a French patrol escorting a defeated Bartolomeo d'Alviano to the Castra Praetoria, the base of operations for Octavian de Valois' forces.[5]

Infiltrating the fortress, Bartolomeo and Ezio came face to face with the Baron, who very nearly killed Bartolomeo were it not for a timely interruption from Ezio. Battle soon broke out, and with Bartolomeo's mercenaries engaging the French forces Ezio was free to pursue the Baron and Pantasilea, eventually freeing her and killing him.[5]

Securing the keys to the CastelEditEdit

Not long after his victory over the Baron de Valois, Ezio traveled once more to La Volpe Addormentata, where he and La Volpe discussed the latter's suspicion that Machiavelli had in fact betrayed the Assassins by guiding the Papal Army to Monteriggioni, and by informing Rodrigo and Cesare to stay away from the Castel during Ezio's infiltration. Ezio disagreed, but promised to look into their being a traitor. La Volpe later informed him that Pietro Rossi, an actor and Lucrezia Borgia's lover, had the key to the Castel and that Cesare intended to kill Pietro over his feelings for Lucrezia. Locating Cesare at one of the city gates, Ezio witnessed the assassination of Francesco Troche, brother of Egidio, by Cesare's personal assassin Micheletto Corella. Ezio then tailed Micheletto, who was to infiltrate a play that Pietro would appear in, and kill him. As he followed him, Ezio had his apprentices discreetly replace those guards Micheletto tasked with partaking in the murder.[5] [41]Ezio apprehending Paganino.Added by Vatsa1708Eventually, Micheletto arrived at il Colosseo, the site of the play. Climbing up the outside of the building, Ezio made his way down from the roof to the backstage area below, picking off Micheletto's marksmen as he went. Ezio soon struck Micheletto, but spared his life hen he learned that Pietro had been poisoned previously, as a means of insurance. He hurried from the Colosseum, Pietro in his arms, whilst his apprentices covered the retreat. After handing Pietro over to a doctor and receiving the key to the Castel from him, Ezio spotted Paganino, a member of the Venetian theives guild who had been present at the siege of Monteriggioni. When approached, Paganino ran and Ezio gave chase. Ezio quickly caught him and reasoned that he was in fact the traitor, not Machiavelli; Paganino pressed Ezio's hidden blade into his own throat. Ezio raced back to Tiber Island to stop La Volpe from killing Machiavelli, as he had promised to do so previously.[5] [42]Ezio being promoted to Mentor.Added by Master Sima YiMeeting with La Volpe inside the Tiber Island hideout, he ordered him to gather the Assassins, and bring Claudia as well. They gathered in the ceremony hall, and there Ezio offered Claudia to join their Order just like their family had. She agreed and received the Assassin burnmark from Machiavelli. Additionally, Machiavelli decided to step down from leading the Order and to promote Ezio to the position of Mentor, realizing that Ezio was the better leader and was "exactly what the Order needed. " Claudia proceeded to do a Leap of Faith off the hideout’s tower, and Ezio appointed Machiavelli to be his trusted advisor. Machiavelli advised' Ezio to go kill the Borgia, and Ezio left for the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Fall of the BorgiaEditEdit

Ezio: "You'd better not stop telling me what you think. Why else would I seek the opinion of my most trusted advisor?"
Niccolò: "Go kill them, Mentore. Finish what you started."
Ezio: "Good advice."
—Ezio and Niccolò discussing the Borgia.[src]

[43]Ezio giving Rodrigo his final blessing.Added by Master Sima YiWith Cesare's supporters in Rome dead, the Brotherhood and its allies were in command of the city. Ezio was informed that Cesare had returned to Rome, and was meeting with his father in the Castel Sant'Angelo. Once again infiltrating the Castel, Ezio witnessed Rodrigo's attempt to poison his son, only to be murdered in response. As Cesare hurried from the Castel to obtain the Apple of Eden that his father had hidden away, Ezio entered the Castel and gave Rodrigo's body his blessing. He then learned from Lucrezia where Rodrigo had hidden the Apple and raced out of the fortress.[5] [44]The Assassins making their final stand against Cesare.Added by Master Sima YiEzio arrived at St. Peter's Basilica and obtained the Apple with just moments to spare, as he was soon joined by Cesare and a sizable contingent of Papal soldiers. Using the Apple, Ezio drove mad those pursuers he did not kill; then in tandem with his fellow assassins worked over the next few months to completely destroy what little support in Rome Cesare still had. Eventually, the Assassins caught up with Cesare himself, who was awaiting reinforcements from Micheletto Corella and his army. Cesare's forces were defeated, although their leader had retreated behind the city gate; he was not safe however, and was quickly arrested by Fabio Orsini on the orders of Pope Julius II. As he was dragged away, Cesare screamed that "chains [would] not hold [him]" and that no man could murder him.[5] [45]Ezio with Leonardo looking into the Apple.Added by Master Sima YiDespite their victory, Ezio was troubled by Cesare's comments, and meeting with Leonardo da Vinci, he confessed his concerns to him. At Leonardo's suggestion, Ezio decided to look into the Apple in order to see if Cesare's threats were true. He quickly let go of the Apple, commenting that he had to leave immediately. Before he departed, however, Ezio left Leonardo a parting gift: a chest full of gold, in recompense for losing his patron.[5]

Chasing CesareEditEdit

Running from the Tiber Island headquarters, Ezio made his way to the Castel Sant'Angelo and was greeted by a scene of mass confusion. Questioning a guard, Ezio learned that Cesare had escaped, likely with the aid of an inside-man, but that Lucrezia had been left behind. Summarizing that the best way for Cesare to escape the city was by boat, Ezio ran to the docks nearest the Castel.[9]

The docks were extremely busy when he arrived, and as such Ezio was forced to use the Apple of Eden to prise a location for Cesare; pointed to the red-sailed caravel on pier six, Ezio made his there only to find it had already set sail. Heading to the nearest boat, Ezio offered to pay the boat-master handsomely if he pursued him. Ezio was surprised to see that it was Claudio who captained the boat, having been given money to do so by La Volpe previously.[9]

The ships were already nearing Ostia by the time Claudio's scoop had caught up. Locking sails, Claudio gave Ezio the order to jump aboard, and together Ezio and Claudio quickly overpowered the ship's crew, whilst Cesare watched helplessly from the secure wooden crate he had been hidden in. Upon docking in Ostia, Cesare was securely sent back to Rome.[9]

Councilor to the PopeEditEdit

Julius II: "Cesare Borgia has been safely delivered into one of their strongest and most secure rocca!"
Ezio: "Where?"
Julius II: "Ah, that's classified information, even to you. I can't take any chances with Cesare."
Pope Julius II and Ezio Auditore[src]

By 1504 Ezio had become councilor to Pope Julius II, and was with him when the Pope received word that Cesare Borgia had been successfully handed over to King Ferdinand II of Aragon and his wife Queen Isabella I of Castile. When Ezio inquired as to where he was being held, Julius politely refused to answer, perhaps cautious of any attempts Ezio might make on the Templar leader's life. Later in the conversation, a tired Ezio nonchalantly suggested the name "Swiss Guard" for the contingent of Swiss mercenaries Julius II was thinking of hiring as his personal bodyguards.[9]

The following day, Ezio called a meeting with La Volpe, Bartolomeo, Machiavelli and Claudia to discuss rooting out those Borgia diehards who still pocketed Italy. Together they formulated a plan that would keep control of the Borgia loyalists until the time to strike presented itself.[9]

Following the meeting, Ezio and Machiavelli met with a number of Rodrigo's former lovers and associates, including Vannozza dei Cattanei and Giulia Farnese, as well as Cesare's wife: Charlotte d'Albret. On their way to meet Giulia, Ezio and Machiavelli noticed they were being followed by someone, and had been since leaving Vanozza's palazzo. After making their way onto the rooftops, the Assassins were eventually able to lose their pursuer, although it took a lot of effort on their part.[9]

During this mission, Machiavelli repeatedly asked Ezio to use the Apple to locate Cesare, though Ezio consistently refused, not wishing to become dependent on its power and lose his own skills.[9]

Rescuing Claudia and capturing MichelettoEditEdit

After leaving d'Albret's palazzo, Ezio and Machiavelli were approached by Bruno, one of Machiavelli's spies, who informed the two that the Borgia had had them followed, so as to ensure they were not present when they kidnapped Claudia Auditore. Upon learning her location, the two quickly made their way to liberate her from her captors only to discover they had been led into a trap; Bruno had been working for the Borgia for at least a year.[9]

Making their way Borgia diehards' facility, Ezio saw Claudia tied to a chair, half-dressed and bruised. The leader of the diehards held a knife to Claudia's throat and threatened to kill her if Ezio did not leave Rome once and for all; Ezio refused and, together with Machiavelli, quickly overpowered and eliminated the diehards.[9]

After rescuing Claudia, Ezio learned that Micheletto had holed up in the Ludus Magnus in Zagarolo, east of Rome. Bringing together a force of one-hundred apprentices and thieves, Ezio's forces quickly surrounded and overpowered the two-hundred and fifty strong force commanded by Micheletto. Taking Micheletto to Florence, he was incarcerated in the cell atop the Palazzo della Signoria, the same cell that had held Ezio's father twenty-eight years earlier, and tortured by Machiavelli, Amerigo Vespucci and Piero Soderini, the Gonfaloniere of Florence and Machiavelli's "master". Despite learning nothing from Micheletto, Machiavelli promised to continue in his attempts to prise any information from him, and parted ways with Ezio warmly when the latter was forced to return to Rome.[9]

Locking away the AppleEditEdit

Days later, Ezio was awoken in the early hours of the morning by Machiavelli, who informed him that Micheletto had managed to escape from the Palazzo della Signoria with the aid of a Borgia-friendly priest and the diehards. Ezio quickly realised that this could work to their advantage; if they could track Micheletto down, they could follow him to Cesare. Convening an emergency meeting, Ezio organized a manhunt for Micheletto that focused on the area surrounding Rome and Ostia. Later, Ezio was effectively ordered by Machiavelli to use the Apple to locate Micheletto, but was once again provided with the same vague image of a Spanish castle, with nothing about Micheletto Corella.[9] [46]Ezio walking out of the Vault.Added by Master Sima YiEzio was confused by this, and expressed his confusion to Machiavelli who recommended he ask the Apple why it wasn't showing him what he wanted. The Piece of Eden told Ezio that the time had come for him to relinquish it, so that future generations might make use of it; it also indicated where it should be hidden. As a parting gift, the Apple informed the Assassin that Micheletto Corella was making his way to Spain via the port in Naples.[9]

Before making their way to Naples, Ezio and Machiavelli decided to relinquish the Apple just at it had requested. Entering the Colosseum, the two Assassins made their way through the old lair of Romulus, marking the way as they went, until they reached the entrance to the Vault. Entering the Vault, Ezio placed the Apple on the central pedestal, and then exited. As the door closed behind him, both Ezio and Niccolò noticed that the door seemed to vanish, instead taking the appearance of the surrounding wall.[9]

Rescuing Da VinciEditEdit

[47]Ezio and Leonardo look upon an unfinished portrait of a smiling lady.Added by ThiefACWith the Apple safely hidden away, Ezio met with Leonardo to discuss his need of chartering a ship to Navarre. Leonardo interjected that he knew the name of a friendly ship captain, but was unable to remember it at the time. Whilst here, Ezio and Leonardo briefly discussed the ancient Greek scholar Pythagoras, whom Leonardo was researching, though Ezio suggested he instead focus on his painting now, positively remarking on an unfinished portrait of a smiling lady. Despite this, Leonardo wished to accompany Ezio to the docks, though he was unable to leave the studio unaccompanied; Ezio offered to bring back Leonardo's apprentice: Salaì.[12] [48]Ezio meeting Salaì in La Volpe Addormentata.Added by ThiefACEzio found Salaì in La Volpe Addormentata, enjoying a game of dice. Despite some initial resistance, Salaì eventually agreed to return to his Master's workshop with Ezio, much to the chagrin of three cloaked individuals who had been playing against Salaì. Once outside, the three individuals, who were revealed to be Hermeticists, attacked Ezio and Salaì, being supported by a number of other cloaked men. Once defeated, Salaì remarked that only one individual could fight with such skill, correctly guessing Ezio's name. Ezio simply suggested they continue on to Leonardo's workshop.[12]

Circumventing the throngs of Hermeticists between them and the workshop, Ezio and Salaì returned to find the workshop wrecked and Leonardo missing. Salaì regretfully informed Ezio that he did not know the location of Temple of Pythagoras. Looking down to the floor in sadness, Salaì spotted some writing on the floor. It suggested Leonardo's artwork which had been kept at the Villa Auditore, had kept clues to the location of the temple. At first Ezio was dismissive, commenting that all the paintings had been destroyed in the attack, though Salaì quickly responded by saying only two had been destroyed and one had been sold (by Salaì himself to buy a "now out of fashion" doublet), leaving five more to find; and that these five were in the hands of Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara.[12]

Recovering the paintingsEditEdit

"I count five Leonardo da Vinci paintings you have stolen, and I want them returned."
―Ezio Auditore to Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara.[src]

[49]Ezio seducing Lucrezia Borgia inside the Delizia di Belriguardo.Added by Master Sima YiEzio made his way to Delizia di Belriguardo, climbing over the palazzo's outer walls and overhearing a paranoid Lucrezia ordering the guard onto high alert. Infiltrating the palazzo through the attached stables, Ezio confronted Lucrezia on the stolen paintings, saying that he had not come for her life. Willingly, Lucrezia revealed that she only had one of the paintings still, as the rest had been taken after the fall of her family. Ordering her men to place the painting Da Vinci's Annunciation in a cart outside the palazzo's walls, Lucrezia was then thrust against the wall by Ezio, who began to kiss her neck intimately.[12]

Lucrezia told Ezio that three of the paintings had been sold to Francesco Colonna, whilst the fifth went to an old flame of Lucrezia's named Patrizio. Ezio apologized to Lucrezia and then pulled back, revealing that he had tied her to the hanging drape. Lucrezia angrily called for her husband's personal guard, who pursued Ezio through the palazzo until he escaped out of a window and into a bale of hay near where the painting had been placed in a cart.[12]

Returning to Rome, Ezio made his way to the Vaticano district, where he followed Patrizio, who was hoping to sell the paintings to the Hermeticists. Ezio watched as Ercole Massimo belittled Patrizio for his racist views on Lucrezia's Spanish heritage and then had him murdered when he tried to destroy the painting out of anger. Ezio then pursued the hermeticist Ercole had tasked with transporting the painting, eventually recovering it.[12]

Duccio de Luca: "Ezio Auditore. Living in this third-rate city instead of beautiful Firenze? How low you have sunk."
Ezio Auditore: "You are going to shut your mouth and give me what I want. The three da Vinci paintings."
―Duccio and Ezio, 1506[src]

[50]Ezio interrogating Duccio.Added by ThiefACEzio then traveled to the home of Francesco Colonna, only to find that the house had been seized by the bank. He was told that the da Vinci paintings had been sold to an art merchant from Florence, who was waiting at the docks outside the Mausoleo di Augusto. Making his way there, Ezio was surprised to see that the art merchant was his sister's former love interest Duccio de Luca. Duccio immediately set about insulting Ezio for living in a "third-rate city" such as Rome, and then again for his sister being the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore. For his troubles, Duccio received a short, stout punch to the face from a now angered Ezio Auditore. Duccio ordered his entourage to attack Ezio, though he was able to easily hold off his attackers. He eventually gained the information he wanted from Duccio, but the merchant pushed his insults even further against Claudia, resulting in a final blow to the old nemesis.[12]

After knocking Duccio out, Ezio made his way to the merchant's boat, which had been occupied by Hermeticists, to retrieve the third painting. Ezio swiftly eliminated them without being seen and claimed the painting as his own. He then made his way to the Rosa in Fiore in order to ascertain a means of obtaining the last two paintings, which had been bought by a cardinal and put on display inside the Castel Sant'Angelo.[12]

Infiltrating the art exhibitionEditEdit

[51]Ezio entering the art exhibition.Added by ThiefACUpon reaching the Rosa in Fiore, Ezio warmly greeted his sister, neglecting to mention his previous encounter with Duccio. From her he learned that access to the art exhibition inside the Castel required an invitation, though fortunately she knew where he could obtain one. Ezio then infiltrated the palazzo of the noble holding the invitation only to find the box supposedly holding it empty, though he soon learned that the noble had already departed without the invitation and that a courier was on his way to hand it to him. Ezio chased down and tackled the courier, stealing the invitation. Ezio then met up with a small cohort of Claudia's courtesans and made his way into the Castel, saying that he would mark the paintings to be stolen.[12]

Ezio marked the first painting after distracting the guards protecting said paintings on display outside the inner building. He then proceeded to infiltrate the Castel, backtracking along the same path he had used to escape with Caterina Sforza years previously, before continuing on into the upper chambers of the Popes' residences. After marking the second painting, he quickly exfiltrated the Castel as cries over the theft of two paintings rung out around him.[12]

Salaì: "[Leonardo] also experimented with inks, including an ink that vanishes! But we can't see invisible ink, can we? Ezio, use your gift."
Ezio Auditore: "You know about that too?"
―Salaì inadvertedly reveals Leonardo's loose tongue to Ezio[src]

[52]Ezio discussing Leonardo's rescue with Salaì.Added by ThiefACEzio returned to Leonardo's workshop, where the five paintings had been stored. Inside he found Salaì already working to find any clues towards the location of the temple, though he had found nothing. Salaì was on the verge of giving up when Ezio prompted him to think of ways Leonardo might have concealed his work. Salaì remembered that Leonardo had work on invisible inks, and suggested to Ezio he use his gift of Eagle Vision to find any clues. Despite his annoyance at Leonardo for telling Salaì about his gift, Ezio did as was asked, finding small diagrams in each painting.[12]

After inspecting all the paintings, Ezio drew out each diagram and laid them on the table. Salaì immediately worked out it was a map, although there were probably pieces missing from the two paintings destroyed during the Siege of Monteriggioni six years previously. Nonetheless, Ezio managed the piece together the map and located the entrance to the catacombs containing the Temple of Pythagoras. He immediately made his way there.[12]

Temple of PythagorasEditEdit

Leonardo: "Those are not Pythagorean symbols. 43 39 19 N 75 27 42 W. Nothing. The Cult of Hermes is wrong, the number is meaningless."
Ezio: "It is not intended for us."
―Leonardo da Vinci and Ezio Auditore in the Pythagorean Vault[src]

[53]Ezio Auditore and Leonardo da Vinci enter the Temple of Pythagoras.Added by StPerkeleEntering the catacombs, Ezio made his way towards the temple. As he did so, he could heard Ercole Massimo beating Leonardo, demanding he open the door to the temple. Ezio ordered the hermeticist to stop, and after a brief exchange of words, was attacked by Massimo's underlings. He dealt with them swiftly, before climbing up to Ercole and assassinating him with the hidden blade. Ezio suggested they now leave the temple, though Leonardo quickly spoke otherwise, saying that the "number" the Hermeticists had been seeking must be destroyed, least another go searching for it. Reluctantly, Ezio agreed.[12]

In each room of the Temple, Ezio and Leonardo found themselves confronted by a complex puzzle. The first room required Ezio to redirect a series of beams of light, whilst the second forced him to redirect the flow of air into a large, fan-dominated, locking mechanism. In the final room, Ezio had to activate several switches which directed streams of burning oil into a central plate. Once activated, the central plate lowered, reveal a large circular pedestal. Ezio and Leonardo recognized the symbols upon the pedestal as those shown to them by the Apple, albeit in the wrong order. Ezio watched as Leonardo rotated the pillars so the images fit, opening the door into the temple's final chamber.[12] [54]Ezio and Leonardo in the Vault.Added by Vatsa1708Entering the final chamber, Ezio recognised the architecture as matching that of the Vatican and Colosseum Vault. He approached the central pedestal and placed his hand above it; a bright light activated above him and soon enough, the entire chamber was cloaked in a dim green light. Before them, six numbers and two letters repeated themselves: 43 39 19 N 75 27 42 W. Although Leonardo totally dismissed the numbers as nonsense, Ezio silently recognised that the numbers were not meant for his generation. In order to take his mind off of the numbers, Ezio distracted Leonardo by asking of his works.[12]

Finishing the BorgiaEditEdit

Travelling to SpainEditEdit

Arriving in Naples on Midsummers Day, 1506, Ezio, Leonardo and Machiavelli were met with a wall of silence from the local populous when questioned on Micheletto. They persevered, fortunately happening upon a courtesan named Camilla who claimed to have spent the previous night with a man matching their description of Micheletto. She pointed them to the docks and to Valencia.[9]

Ezio, Machiavelli and Leonardo booked passage to Valencia. The crossing took five days as the sea was particularly rough, which lost the three any chance of catching up with Micheletto. Once they arrived however, they quickly learned that Micheletto had headed to the Lone Wolf Inn, a place being described as "not for gentlemen". Nonetheless, the three made their way to the Lone Wolf Inn and entered, only to be immediately set upon by ten men whose eyes were already accustomed to the darkness. Ezio and Machiavelli fought off the ambushers, whilst Leonardo hid behind the bar. At one point, Ezio was approached from behind and garrotted by Micheletto himself; a well placed strike to the stomach from Machiavelli's blade forced Micheletto to let go and flee.[9]

Although Micheletto had fled, one of his underlings had survived the Assassins' onslaught, and reluctantly surrendered his master's destination: the Castillo de la Mota. The next day, after a short rest, the three continued on to the Castillo.[9]

They arrived too late. Ezio learned from a lieutenant that Cesare had escaped, although they were not yet sure how exactly he had managed it. Ezio immediately demanded a fresh horse, but Leonardo's tiredness and Machiavelli's counsel convinced him to stay a while and rest; within the month they were back in Valencia and found the city in the grip of Cesare's diehards. Disheartened by the turn of events, the Assassins contemplated their next move. Leonardo piped up with a suggestion, asking them to gather sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate, as well as thin sheets of malleable steel. They complied, and in short time Leonardo managed to construct twenty small hand-held bombs which could be thrown onto enemy positions after lighting the fuse. Leonardo then revealed to Ezio and Machiavelli that he was returning to Italy on the next ship, as he was becoming homesick.[9]

Attack on ValenciaEditEdit

Despite this setback, Ezio and Niccolò were determined to destroy Cesare's new army, and together formulated a plan. Whilst Machiavelli made his way to the diehards' camp, Ezio headed to the docks. Approaching the first ship, Ezio lit the fuse and threw it into the vessel, dismissive of what destructive power such a small device could possible contain. He was shocked when the device exploded, cracking the warship's mast and felling it, splintered wood flying high into the air. Ezio continued to target Cesare's vessels, and in several case the initial bomb's explosion was followed by the detonation of the vessel gunpowder reserve; at one point, the explosion of one ship brought down the two on either side of it. All in all, Ezio managed to destroy twelve vessels with his ten hand-held bombs. He then met up with Machiavelli on the corner of the street where the Lone Wolf Inn was located.[9]

Climbing onto the roof of the building, Ezio and Machiavelli peered over the open top skylight onto Cesare and Micheletto, who were discussing the recent turn of events. Cesare angrily belittled Micheletto, blaming him for what had happened and driving him to launch himself across the table at his Master. Cesare quickly pulled one of his pistols from his belt and shot at Micheletto, destroying his face completely. Ezio pulled back, hoping to catch Cesare as he left the building, though Machiavelli, who had craned forward to get a better look, kicking a tile in the process, drew Cesare's attention. Drawing his second pistol just as rapidly as he had his first, Cesare shot at the Assassin, hitting Machiavelli in the shoulder.[9]

Ezio briefly thought of pursuit, but Machiavelli's injury was severe and required immediate medical attention. Finding a doctor, they learned the bullet had gone straight through, and that Machiavelli would be sufficiently healed for travel in two weeks. Before Ezio left to pursue Cesare, Machiavelli wished him good luck.[9]

Siege of VianaEditEdit

Cesare: "How did you find me?"
Ezio Auditore: "The Apple you stole from Mario Auditore led me here."
―Cesare Borgia and Ezio Auditore[src]

In 1507, Ezio finally located Cesare Borgia. The former Captain General of the Papal Army was leading the forces of his brother-in-law, John III of Navarre, in a siege of the city of Viana.[5] [55]Ezio trying to assassinate Cesare.Added by Master Sima YiEzio engaged Cesare on the battlefield, making an unsuccessful attempt to kill him with his hidden blade. Consequently, Cesare made his escape towards Viana Castle and Ezio was almost overwhelmed by Cesare's guards. Narrowly surviving an artillery strike, Ezio chased after Cesare, making his way towards the village. Fighting through the battling guards, climbing a burning siege tower, and eventually reaching Viana Castle, Ezio climbed a siege tower that had connected with a castle wall. Making his way through another small group of guards, Ezio ultimately engaged Cesare in combat a top the city walls.[5] [56]Ezio about to throw Cesare off the walls.Added by Vatsa1708Despite a continual stream of soldiers engaging him, Ezio was able to whittle away Cesare's armor and overpower him. When Cesare angrily repeated his claim that no man could kill him, Ezio coldly replied he would leave it to Fate, throwing Cesare to his death from the city walls.[5]

Later, a much older Ezio returned to the Sanctuary beneath the Villa Auditore to leave a clue to the password that protected the Vault's entrance, as suggested by his close friend Leonardo years previously. The clue was visible only to those who possessed Eagle Vision.[5]

Search for the SealsEditEdit

Discovering a new purposeEditEdit

With Cesare's death, the Borgia and their plans for Italy were finished. Ezio focused himself on internal matters, forming stronger ways of communication for the Assassins from Sicily to Venice and creating more standard training methods for new Assassin recruits.[2]

In 1509, Ezio got his hands on some of his uncle Mario's documents and found a letter written by his father Giovanni, mentioning a locked library beneath the old Assassin fortress of Masyaf;[2] the home of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, who had been Ezio's spiritual mentor during his early years as an Assassin.[1] Driven by a will to find out more about the Order, Ezio left Italy in late 1510 and set sail for Syria.[2]

Pilgrimage to MasyafEditEdit

[57]Ezio while sailing towards Syria.Added by Master Sima YiReading Niccolò Polo's journal while sailing to Syria, Ezio arrived in the city of Acre ten months after leaving Rome. After having spent a week there, Ezio was informed that the road to Masyaf was filled with foreign bandits. He also wrote a letter to Claudia, informing her of his journey so far and, should he not survive, that she should not take vengeance.[13] Shortly afterwards, Ezio continued his journey to Masyaf.[14]

Ezio arrived at Masyaf in mid 1511. Finding the town crumbled and abandoned, Ezio made his way to the fortress only to discover a band of Byzantine remnants; secret Templars lead by their captain Leandros. Overrun and outnumbered, Ezio was captured by the Templars and lead onto a plank to be hung from the fortress' watchtower. As Leandros put the noose around Ezio's neck, Ezio attacked Leandros, threw the noose from his shoulder and onto Leandros' neck, and let himself drop to a wooden surface underneath the plank.[14] [58]Ezio about to kill Leandros.Added by Master Sima YiEzio was able to catch up to Leandros, who was driving a carriage. Ezio chased after him on another carriage, but Leandros was able to ram Ezio off the road, causing Ezio severe injuries. Ezio fought his way through the Byzantine guards, while being unable to climb buildings due to his injuries. Eventually, he arrived at the fortification that Leandros was hiding in; Ezio closed the gates behind him, giving the Byzantine guards no way to chase after him. Healing his injuries at a medicine table, Ezio scaled the tower Leandros was hiding on. After arriving at the top, Ezio killed Leandros with a stab in the chest from his hidden blade, and found one of the seals that were needed to open Masyaf's library. Upon touching it, the seal activated, and Ezio relived the memory of Altaïr being elevated to Master Assassin after saving Al Mualim from a Templar attack.[14]

Settling into ConstantinopleEditEdit

Having obtained one of the seals, Ezio made his way to Constantinople by ship, where several of the other seals were located. Upon arriving in the city, Ezio met a young man on his ship, who claimed to be a mere student. Ezio talked with the young man about how he spend his youth until a woman on the ship caught his attention. Ezio made contact with the city's guild.[14] [59]Ezio flirting with Sofia in the trading post.Added by Master Sima YiEzio formed a quick friendship with the guild's leader Yusuf Tazim, and helped secure the Galata District for the Assassins after a Byzantine attack. Additionally, he learned how to craft bombs from the cartographer and secret Master Assassin, Piri Reis. Together with Piri, Ezio found Niccolò Polo's old trading post, which was at that point inhabited by the Venetian bookseller Sofia Sorto. In the area below the trading post, Ezio found a Masyaf key and an encrypted map, which he managed to decode with Sofia's help. Over time, Ezio started to develop feelings for Sofia, but could not bear to tell her about his Assassin affiliations.[14]

Realizing that another key remained in Templar possession, Ezio's search for the Templar presence in Constantinople lead him to the royal Ottoman house. Ezio was able to rescue Prince Suleiman from a Byzantine attack, after which he gained the young prince's trust. Together they continued Ezio's search for the Templars, until they found out that Manuel Palaiologos, a former Byzantine heir, had mysterious ties to the Templars.[14]

Finding the last SealEditEdit

[60]Ezio, speaking to Yusuf, before his departure.Added by Master Sima YiAfter collecting three of the Seals within Constantinople, the fifth overall was in possession of a Templar leader outside the city. Deciding to make his abrupt departure, Yusuf confronted Ezio and informed him of the Janissaries' efforts to keep him at bay and provided him with some clay bombs, claiming that they were more effective than the usual bombs that they crafted.[14]

Ezio proceeded to the port, and after destroying the chain that barred the way out of the city and burning the Templar ships guarding the harbor with Greek Fire, he took the advantage, and made to his ship by free-running through the ships' flaming wrecks, leaving Constantinople free of the Templar threat.[14]

Later lifeEditEdit

"I knew I would not have enough time to do everything. Now I worry I do not have enough time to do anything."
―Ezio Auditore during his later years.[src]

[61]Ezio with Sofia and Flavia.Added by Master Sima YiEzio later settled down with Sofia Sorto in Florence, and they had two children together; a son named Marcello and a daughter, Flavia.[15]

By 1524, Ezio had become restless of his old age, believing that someone could come for him and his family and that he did not "have enough time to do anything". That year, he met Shao Jun, a silent female Chinese Assassin.[15]

Ezio died later the same year at the age of 65.[15]


[62]A statue of Ezio at the Dubai Facility.Added by KaloneousEzio Auditore da Firenze's actions had a profound effect on the Order. He had a son and daughter and his descendants continued to take a leading role in the running of the Order for almost five-hundred years after his death.[5][16] A statue of him could be found in "The Mentor's" Dubai facility. In 2012, Ezio's descendant Desmond Miles revisited his memories to help the Assassins learn more about the incoming disaster Minerva warned to Ezio and the location of a "modified" Piece of Eden.[17]

Personality and characteristicsEditEdit

"Ezio's learning fast. He reminds me of you."
Maria to Giovanni.[src]

[63]A young Ezio is disarmed by a Florentine guard after protesting his father's and brothers' execution.Added by Vatsa1708Ezio was raised as a young Florentine nobleman, living during the 15th and 16th Century. He was brought up without knowing of the Assassins' existence, or of his heritage. A seducer of women and a playful man, Ezio possessed acrobatic skills far beyond those of his peers, barring his brother. He came from an affluent background and had many friends until the deaths of his father and brothers drove him out of Florence. Forced to protect his mother and sister, Ezio became an Assassin, exacting revenge on the conspirators who had betrayed his family and plotted to seize both Florence and Venice.[1]

Initially, Ezio allowed his emotions to get the best of him, going so far as to disrespect the corpse of Vieri de' Pazzi just after his death. However, Ezio did manage to gain control of his anger and, by the time he had become a Master Assassin, could control it almost completely.[1] That said, Ezio was still prone to losing control of his emotions at the right trigger; in 1506, he pummeled Duccio de Luca in a fist-fight after he provoked Ezio by insulting his sister, Claudia, for her position as the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore.[12] Though, by the time he confronted Rodrigo Borgia, he had become more dedicated to his role as an Assassin, ceasing to use revenge as a motivation. He also spared the lives of targets he thought there was no need to kill, such as Micheletto Corella.

Ezio became more quiet and distant during his late 40s, reluctant to share information regarding his early life with associates such as Salaì, and being more open with those he knew better and cared for. Though, despite being a more focused and driven man in his later life, Ezio would lose control on his anger occasionally. An example of this is when he beaten Duccio de Luca badly and eventually knocked him unconscious when provoked.

Ezio was also passionately loyal to his family. He was pained for the rest of his life after the Auditore execution. While he was able to lay the bodies of his fallen family to rest, he continued collecting feathers during his time in Italy. The feather collection was part of what helped his mother recover from her depression at the loss of her sons and husband. He always put protecting his mother and sister above his safety and his allegiance to the Assassins, quick to defend his sister's honor from Duccio and always ready to help his mother, even when she was helping her daughter lead the Courtesans in Rome. Claudia thought him a bit overbearing at times, as shown by her journal, but regardless she knew he was trying to help and stood by her brother with the Assassins.[5]

Equipment and skillsEditEdit

"Despite its age, its construction is rather advanced."
―Leonardo da Vinci, commenting on Ezio's hidden blade.[src]

[64]Ezio Auditore in his Roman Assassin garb.Added by ThiefACEzio Auditore da Firenze was both a highly skilled Assassin and adept Grand Master of the Order. Having learned and developed a vast array of skills, such as pick-pocketing, blending, armed and unarmed combat, alternative or multiple weapon attacks, stealth and public assassination techniques, free-running and long-distance combat, he was able to use a variety of weapons including two hidden blades, the sword, throwing knives and many more. Born with the ability to use Eagle Vision, Ezio could instinctively differentiate friend from foe. After talking to his captive father, he later inherited his father's Assassin's Robe, which he would update with various armor and dyes by purchasing them throughout his life.[1]An explorer, throughout his quests, Ezio scoured the cities he visited in search of Codex pages and seals from the six Assassin's tombs spread across northern Italy. The Codex pages allowed Leonardo da Vinci to upgrade his weaponry, including the addition of a wheellock firearm and poison needle concealed beneath his left hidden blade.[1]

By collecting the six tomb seals, Ezio gained access to the armor created Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad which was later lost during the Fall of Monteriggioni. He also collected capes that had helped him stay incognito to city guards. The only exception to this was the cape bearing the Auditore family crest, which made him easily recognizable, due to his family's history.[1]

In 1500, during the Siege of Monteriggioni, Ezio lost most of his equipment, but was able to keep his original hidden blade. His hidden blade also underwent some alterations and improvements, anonymously due to Machiavelli. Machiavelli kept the Codex additions of Ezio's hidden blade intact, however, the former leather and metal bracer were replaced with a new, fully plated version bearing a different design. Also, the former blade was replaced with a newer one that bore a black tribal design running down the center of the blade.

During his time in Rome, Ezio's usual attire would be replaced by a new suit based on elements from both his father's clothing and Altaïr's robes. Ezio also obtained the Armor of Brutus after stealing all the scrolls from the Followers of Romulus. [65]Ezio Auditore free-running over the Tiber in Rome.Added by Campbell430Ezio has been a very skilled free-runner from a young age. He possibly learned how to free-run under the tutelage of his father and/or older brother. Ezio shows himself as a skilled free-runner, being able to move quickly and efficiently, such as sprinting, climbing, and jumping. In addition, he is also an enduring athlete, being able to perform all these actions without being encumbered by his large variety of weapons and armor. Despite his advancing years, Ezio Auditore skill and speed as a free-runner increased significantly, being aware of all of his surroundings as well as planning his next move very quickly and carefully, as observed from younger Assassins such as Francesco Vecellio. His speed and abilities have given him a legendary status among the Roman Thieves Guild, so far as going to convince some of the members to believe that Ezio's free-running skills are overexaggerated and impossible for someone his age.

Romantic lifeEditEdit

"A minute is all I need! [...] Wait... that came out wrong."
―Ezio to Cristina Vespucci, 1476.[src]

Ezio was known for his good looks, flirtatious nature and predisposition for womanizing.[1][3][4] Though the latter part of his life was centered around his hunt for Rodrigo Borgia, Ezio shared multiple romantic relationships with a number of different women.[4] [66]Ezio and Cristina kissing in her room.Added by ZwooooooshBy 1476, Ezio had had many encounters with various unnamed Florentine girls and courtesans before the execution of his family, insulting Vieri de' Pazzi by suggesting that his sister seemed quite satisfied with the "handling" he gave her earlier. That year, Ezio was in a permanent relationship of sorts with Cristina Vespucci, against the wishes of her father. Following his street brawl with Vieri de' Pazzi on the Ponte Vecchio, Ezio visited Cristina during the night, despite his brother's request otherwise; he was chased out by her father the next morning, and subsequently had to flee the city guards.[1] Two years later, when Ezio returned to Florence, Cristina was married to one of her suitors, Manfredo d'Arzenta, though she admitted to still loving Ezio.[4] Eight years later, when Cristina and Manfredo traveled to Venice for Carnevale, Ezio, posing as her husband, wrote to her asking her to come to the Rio Terra degli Ogniscanti; to which Cristina complied. As both wore Carnevale masks, she did not recognize him until he kissed her. She then removed his mask and asked him how he dared kiss her like that, telling him she never wanted to see him again. When Ezio tried to understand, she explained that if he really loved her, he wouldn't simply have let Manfredo marry her. When Ezio returned to Florence again in 1497, he learns from a wounded Manfredo that he and Cristina have been attacked by Savonarola's men. Ezio tracks down Cristina and kills her assailants. As he proceeds to take Cristina to a doctor, she dies in his arms, after telling him that she wishes that they could have had a second chance together.[4] [67]Ezio helping Caterina onto the gondola.Added by Vatsa1708Before meeting with Cristina during Carnevale, whilst trying to find a way to Venice, Ezio accompanied his friend, Leonardo da Vinci, to Forlì. He was initially refused passage aboard the ship to Venice, but his fortunes changed after encountering Caterina Sforza, who had become stranded on a small island with no means of escape. Ezio rescued her, and she repaid the favor by granting him passage to Venice. She also told him that the next time he returned to Forlì, it would "be her pleasure" to entertain him. Moments later, after Ezio revealed to his close friend that Sforza was a future conquest and his type of woman, Leonardo informed Ezio of the ladies' identity and that she was married to the Count of the city.[1]

Also, at some point during his time in Forlì, Ezio encountered a girl named Amelia. During this encounter, Amelia and two of her friends were discussing whether anyone could beat their record in a horseback riding race. Ezio took on the challenge in return for a 'private riding lesson' with Amelia should he prove successful.[1] [68]Ezio flirting with Rosa.Added by Crimson PsycheWhen Ezio arrived in Venice for the first time, an unknown young woman attempted to pickpocket him. Later the same day, Ezio witnessed the woman and a group of thieves attempting to scale the Palazzo della Seta. The attempt ended in failure, and the girl was shot in the leg by an archer. Ezio intervened, defending her from Emilio Barbarigo's thugs. Upon helping her to get to safety, he learned that her name was Rosa, and that she was a member of the city's Thieves Guild. At first, Rosa's attitude towards Ezio was very aggressive and unfriendly, but after he saved her, she became much more amiable.[1]

While trying to acquire the Golden Mask, Ezio was seen flirting with many of Sister Teodora's courtesans. After the Carnevale challenges, when Ezio went up to accept the Golden Mask as his prize for victory, he was accompanied by a courtesan. After assassinating Marco Barbarigo and seeking sanctuary in the brothel, Ezio flirted with Sister Teodora, who invited several of her girls to "comfort" Ezio.[1] [69]Ezio and Caterina Sforza together in bed.Added by Vatsa1708Since their first meeting in Forlì, Ezio's feelings for Caterina Sforza developed, and in January 1500, Ezio had an intimate encounter with her, sleeping with her in the Villa Auditore before it was besieged by Cesare Borgia and his army.[5]

After her capture, Ezio sank into a state of near depression, where his feelings for Caterina conflicted with his suspicion she was merely using him. Despite this suspicion, Ezio was determined to rescue her from the Castel Sant'Angelo, disregarding the insistence of Machiavelli that Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia be the focus of his attention.[9]

During their escape she hesitantly explained to him that the night they had shared had only been in the name of politics, as she had needed his help in defending Forlì. Ezio continued to hope that his feelings for Caterina were reciprocated, though she soon informed him otherwise. Despite his subsequent decision to no longer pursue Sforza's affections, the two remained close allies for the sake of the Brotherhood.[9]


Assassin's Creed IIEditEdit

  • The names Ezio and Altaïr have similar meanings and origins. Altaïr means "the flying one," while Ezio means "eagle." Altaïr also comes from the name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquila (which also translates to "eagle").
  • Ezio's Animus database in Assassin's Creed II only details his life before he became an Assassin, holding no information on his life within the Order; unlike his database entry in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • Throughout the game, Ezio will remove his hood during cutscenes only if he is wearing his father's Assassin robes.
  • Just like Altaïr and Desmond, Ezio has a scar on his mouth. It was acquired after the mission "Boys Will Be Boys" during Sequence 1, when Vieri de' Pazzi threw a rock at his face.
  • Ezio has been seriously injured in battle twice in ACII. The first was when Checco Orsi stabbed him in the right side of his lower abdomen during the Battle of Forlì. The second injury was received when Rodrigo Borgia stabbed him in the left side of his abdomen during the Confrontation in the Vatican.
  • If the player chooses to play Sequence 13 before Sequence 12 by clearing the DLC cache, Ezio's beard will disappear until the player kills Checco Orsi.
  • In a very rare glitch, after completing the blending mission for Paola, Ezio's hood will appear down when it is supposed to be up. This shows that the character model for Ezio is the same as Desmond.

Assassin's Creed II: DiscoveryEditEdit

  • Ezio's title was misspelled, his biography lists him as "Ezio Auditore de Firenze" instead of "Ezio Auditore da Firenze."
  • Despite taking place after the Battle of Forlì, Ezio is depicted without a beard.

Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodEditEdit

  • Although Ezio received the Assassin's mark on his left hand's ring finger when being inducted into the Order, it is gone in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • It is revealed that Ezio can speak some French, as there were "a couple of French girls in Firenze."
    • During his infiltration of the Baron de Valois' camp, Ezio is demanded by a guard(due to his peculiar French accent) what part of France he is from. He replies with "Montréal," which is a reference to Ubisoft Montreal, the company responsible for the Assassin's Creed series.
  • The only time you can play Ezio shirtless is when fighting in the Fight Club.
  • In art for Brotherhood, Ezio is shown with two identical bracers for his hidden blades; however, in-game, it is not possible to obtain a bracer for Ezio's right arm that matches the first one.
  • Also, Ezio is shown with only the left Seusenhofer pauldron, while the other is missing. It is not possible to manage Ezio's pauldrons in such a way in-game.
  • In the novelization of Brotherhood, Ezio loses all his Codex inventions (the pistol, the poison blade, and the second hidden blade) during the Villa attack; but in the game, Ezio only loses the Armor of Altaïr, metal cestus and the second hidden blade.
  • Interestingly in-game, Ezio does say to Leonardo that he lost all of his Codex inventions, even though only the second hidden blade and metal cestus are lost.
  • Ezio is able to perform a climb leap before the Villa Attack, but requires the Climb Leap Glove from Leonardo subsequent to being injured.
  • Ezio has been injured once more in battle—two gunshot wounds from arquebusiers, which he sustained in the left shoulder and back at the siege of Monteriggioni.

Assassin's Creed: The Secret CrusadeEditEdit

Assassin's Creed: RevelationsEditEdit

  • In Revelations, Ezio doesn't wear a cape on his left shoulder like he does in the previous installments, though some gameplay footage has shown him with a full-length cape on his back.
  • Revelations is the only installment in which Ezio wears an outfit where the default appearance of his robes isn't white.


  • Ezio's outfit can be unlocked in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, via Uplay for 30 points.
  • A Sackboy version of Ezio's outfit from Assassin's Creed II can be purchased for LittleBigPlanet via the PlayStation Store.
  • In PlayStation Home, Ezio's Assassin robes from Assassin's Creed II is an outfit that can be bought.
  • Neca has manufactured highly detailed figures of Ezio. The white edition includes Ezio in his default robes with two hidden blades, though only the right arm one is removable. The black edition includes Ezio with a single hidden blade, his robes dyed in the Wetlands Ebony fashion, and the Missaglias armor. Later, they fashioned a figure that resembles Ezio in his default robes in Brotherhood, though it was never included in any game version, and can only be bought separately.
  • On the Xbox 360, it is possible to purchase Ezio's Robes from Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations as Avatar Outfits for 400 Microsoft points each.
  • It has been confirmed by writer Darby McDevitt that Ezio and Altaïr are not related but come from two different sides of Desmond's family, yet they do share the same face with minor differences, when Ezio is at a younger age.
  • Ezio Auditore was featured in the Spike Video Game Awards of 2010 as part of his nomination for Character of the Year. When he was mentioned among the nominees, he addressed the crowd about his nomination, and how they should be cautious about the Templars.[18]
    • Another animation was made in case he won, and was shown during the end credits of the show due to another winner being declared. Holding the Spike trophy, Ezio was named Best Dressed Assassin. Ezio thanks the crowd and his associates during his time in Rome, and dedicates the award to Mario Auditore.[19]
  • Ezio was also featured in the "Michael" live action commercial, part of the Long Live Play advertisement of Sony. There, he gives tribute to the gamer Michael for playing his part when "the Templars murdered his family", then chanting Michael's name in unison with the rest of the characters.[20]
[70] An image gallery is available forEzio Auditore da Firenze

Notes and referencesEditEdit

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